Quiz on the risks and behaviors to adopt on a construction site

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  1. 1) Doing Prevention is :
    • Defend someone from danger
    • Take a set of measures to avoid an accident that you cannot predict
    • Prevent the emergency services in the event of an accident
  2. 2) What is the most present risk ?
    2) What is the most present risk ?
    • Fall from height
    • Electrocution
    • Manual handling
  3. 3) Which is more important?
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Collective protection equipment
  4. 4) What are the main PPE in the construction industry?
    • A shovel, a seal, sight glasses, a hammer and a screwdriver
    • Safety shoes, safety gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection
  5. 5) The best way to remove the risk is to :
    • Reinforce safety instruction
    • Replace manual work with machines
    • Remove the danger
  6. 6) Occupationnal risks evaluation is it compulsory ?
    • True
    • False
  7. 7) What is the most present risk ?
    7) What is the most present risk ?
    • Fall from height
    • Electrocution
    • Poisoning
  8. 8) I find a filled container without label, what do i do?
    • I breathe it to see if it's toxic or not
    • I identify with the help of my knowledge
    • I warn the chief
  9. 9) I work near a work vehicle, what do i do?
    • I signal my presence to the driver
    • I don’t signal presence, at worst if it crushes i would be on sick leave
    • I keep a distance of 2 meters from the vehicle
  10. 10) I work near a colleague who uses a hole punch:
    • It doesn't matter, i'm used to listening to loud music so that's not what will damage my hearing
    • I must wear hearing protection
    • I can stay nearby if he doesn't use it for a long time
  11. 11) What is the most common risk on a construction site ?
    • Machine accident
    • Mechanical and manual handling
    • Fall from height
  12. 12) I'm going to do a noisy spot:
    • I inform my colleagues so that they can protect themselves with hearing protection
    • It doesn't matter, it won't be long
    • The main thing is that i have hearing protection!
  13. 13) The worker risks :
    13) The worker risks :
    • A work accident
    • Occupational disease
  14. 14 ) The risk of fall from height représents how many work acidents each year ?
    • 21%
    • 17%
    • 11%
    • 35%
  15. 15) I drank alcohol before work:
    • It doesn’t matter I have the right to a glass as well to dose it in alcohol!
    • I'm used to alcohol for me it makes me the same effects of drinking 1 or 5 glasses of alcohol
    • A glass does not decrease alertness and reflexes
    • From 0.5 g / l in the blood, which is equivalent to 2 glasses of alcohol, driving is prohibited
  16. 16) I drank alcohol while having lunch at my work station:
    • I am completely free to consume alcohol at work outside of working hours (lunch break)
    • Alcohol decreases my alertness and my reflexes and changes the perception of my work environment
    • The consumption of alcohol at work does not engage my responsibility as an employee
  17. 17) What is the exact statement ?
    • Proper grounding of an electrical appliance is only necessary if the electrical cord is damaged
    • The presence of a differential circuit breaker dispenses with the earthing of the appliance
    • I systematically connect a generator to earth
  18. 18) Who is responsible for a work accident ?
    • Corporate executive
    • Employee
    • Site manager
  19. 19) What is the first intervention to perform during a work accident ?
    • Set up a security perimeter
    • Put the victim in safety
    • Call the emergency
  20. 20) What is the exact statement?
    • If I find an unlabelled package, I don't touch it
    • Corrosive chemicals have a pungent smell
    • To repackage a dangerous product, I only wear PPE if the packaging is damaged
  21. 21) What is the most present risk ?
    21) What is the most present risk ?
    • Fall from height
    • Electrocution
    • Poisoning
  22. 22) What should be done to prevent the onset of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders)?
    • Have a posture adapted to the task to be performed and use the handling aids made available to me
    • Maintain a steady pace in the execution of tasks
    • Double the loads to carry to finish faster
  23. 23) I go to my work station :
    • I take the shortest path and start running to get there as quickly as possible
    • I only put my workstation away if it is near a passage
    • If the passage is congested, I immediately notify my chief
  24. 24) Are regulatory PPE compulsory ?
    • True
    • False
  25. 25) How many construction trades are listed ?
    • 30
    • 25
    • 35
  26. 26) How much can a load of 25 kg ill-weighed on the lumbar vertebra weigh ?
    • 25 kg
    • 125 kg
    • 375 kg
  27. 27) To be able to drive a forklift on site, I must:
    • Have a driving license issued by my employer after verification of my medical aptitude and my competence to safely drive forklifts (CACES)
    • Have my driving license
    • Only hold the CACES (Certificate of Fitness for Safe Driving) site forklift
  28. 28) Why improve the working conditions of workers ?
    • To have comfort
    • To protect the health and safety of workers
  29. 29) This worker protects himself from the risk :
    29) This worker protects himself from the risk :
    • Light
    • Poisoning
    • Noise
  30. 30) This worker protects himself from the risk :
    30) This worker protects himself from the risk :
    • Radioactivity
    • Electrocution
    • Noise
    • Light
Because of prevention week, we have put together a quiz on the risks and behaviors to adopt on a construction site.
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